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All projects carried out are backed up by the strength of its own process, i.e. any sized task would have had a pre site visit followed by photographs, a documented report on the site, work required and relevant drawings.

Upon order/instruction a permit or L.O.A would be issued by ourselves to the operatives if required. The work would then be carried out, during the time on site, our auditor would visit site and carry out a health and safety audit on the tradesman and the site conditions. On the completion of work carried out our auditor will return and carry out a standard on site survey which consists of a full remeasure of work done, the workmanship and its specification carefully inspected and any defects reported and amended.

This process is 95% proof and eliminates delays, maintains a high level of performance. And consequently speeds up the payment process.
MANDERS strives towards high merits like its provider.



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